Full compostability test

Anaerobic biodegradability test

Aerobic biodegradability test

Plastic pollution is prevalent in every part of the world.

Our mission is to reduce and eventually eradicate it.

​​​​ENA Biotec Ltd incorporated in Korea

Earth Nurture USA, KhaiEL Korea & KhaiEL Gmbh Germany have combined into a single corporation based in Korea in order to exploit Earth Nurture technology. This includes the bioremediation of many industrial effluents and toxic spills. As well as the development, production and distribution of ENA masterbatch

which makes conventional plastic biodegradable.

This is an important step forward and simplifies business relationships worldwide.

Earth Nurture Europe Ltdis now a British company registered in Regent Street, London.

ENA3 additive

​is a masterbatch additive that is compatible with all types of plastic. With more than twenty active ingredients it is designed​ to accelerate the natural process of biodegradability by wild microorganisms.

Biodegradability & Compostability

ENA3 food contact compliance

all active ingredients have been carefully chosen to comply with European and USA food contact safety legislation and all relevant EU directives.

ENA3 Biodegradable Plastic

This is conventional plastic to which has been added our ENA3 biodegradable additive, in a small amount, at the beginning of the normal production cycle. The physical and mechanical attributes of the finished product are unaltered.

​The only thing that has been changed is the biodegradability and compostability of the discarded product. This will happen in a very short period of time compared with untreated conventional plastic.

Conventional Plastic

Contrary to popular belief conventional plastic will degrade and eventually biodegrade. This natural process can take several hundred years and even longer, depending on the local conditions and the thickness of the plastic. The many advantages of conventional plastic become a distinct and dangerous disadvantage at the end of their useful life when they are discarded either in a landfill, the oceans or generally in nature.

​​Earth Nurture Europe Ltd

We are dedicated to protecting our planet and all of its' inhabitants, animals, flora

& fauna from the dangers of plastic pollution and the consequences of toxic waste. We have almost completed our six year quest to develop an additive that will render all conventional plastic either biodegradable and/or compostable. New projects are in full swing to help neutralize the devastating effects of toxic waste, industrial wastewater and oil spills.


   ENA Biotec Inc latest news update 15.09.2016

   All future ENA treated plastic products will
   also have 30% RENEWABLE CONTENT.
   This will enable all customers to label their
   products with the esteemed "VINCOTTE
   ONE STAR" biobased content certificate.

ENA Biotec Inc 2016/2017 NEW PROJECTS

    Included in list of new projects are:

    1. bioremediation of secondary and tertiary amine

        containing wastewater from gas sweetening plants.

        and fertilizer factories.

    2. Remediation of dye wastewater.

    3. Remediation of many other toxins, including

        petroleum products, BTEX compounds, polycyclic

        aromatic hydrocarbons.

     4. Remediation of wastes from the manufacture and

         distribution of herbicides and pesticides.

                   NEWS UPDATE 14.06.2016

    The long awaited laboratory tests at the

    Fraunhofer Institute in Germany have begun.

    The complete regime of biodegradation and  

    compostability testing include Anaerobic landfill

    testing ASTM 5511 (ISO 15985), Aerobic in air

    testing ASTM D6400 (ISO 14855) and the

    full EN 13432 compostability testing.

​​       .​