​​​​​​LATEST NEWS 20.09.2017.

The INTERPLAS UK Plastics Exhibition begins in Birmingham, England on the 26th to 28th of September 2017. Our booth is D50 in Hall 4.


NEW Biodegradable & Compostability test has begun at the Frauhofer Institute in Germany.

ENA Biotec Ltd incorporated in Korea
Earth Nurture USA, KhaiEL Korea & KhaiEL Gmbh Germany have combined into a single corporation based in Korea in order to exploit Earth Nurture technology. 
This is an important step forward and simplifies business relationships worldwide.
​Earth Nurture Europe Ltd is now a

British Company registered at

Regent Street, London, England

​​Full compostability test

Anaerobic test

Aerobic test

Conventional Plastic. Contrary to popular belief conventional plastic will degrade and eventually biodegrade. This natural process can take several hundred years and even longer, depending on the local conditions and the thickness of the plastic. The many advantages of conventional plastic become a distinct and dangerous disadvantage at the end of their useful life when they are discarded either in a landfill, the oceans or generally in nature.Type your paragraph here.


ENA Biodegradable Plastic This is conventional plastic to which has been added our ENA biodegradable additive, in a small amount, at

the beginning of the normal production cycle. The physical and mechanical attributes of the finished product are unaltered.

​The only thing that has been changed is the biodegradability and compostability of the discarded product. This will happen in a very short period of time compared with untreated conventional plastic.



ENA Biotec and Earth Nurture Europe  will be entering a highly prestigous International competition. HRH Charles Prince of Wales and Ellen MacArthur DBE are the leading initiators. Click for FULL DETAILS OF THE CIRCULAR MATERIALS CHALLENGE
The aim of the competion is to find solutions to the ever increasing threat and dangers of PLASTIC POLLUTION. The total prize fund is $2 million US dollars. We will be competing for 1 million dollars. There will be FIVE winners selected, each receiving 200,000 dollars. 

​NEW ENA Biotec 2017/18 PROJECTS

1. bioremediation of secondary and tertiary

    amine containing wastewater from gas

    sweetening plants  and fertilizer factories.

2. Remediation of dye wastewater.

3. Remediation of many other toxins, including

    petroleum products, BTEX compounds,

    polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

4. Remediation of wastes from the

    manufacture of herbicides and pesticides.             ​     

 ENA Biotec biodegradable additive is arguably the most important innovation since the invention of plastic

                      Earth Nurture Europe Ltd

We are dedicated to protecting our planet and all of its' inhabitants from the dangers of plastic pollution and the consequences of toxic waste. We are in our EIGHTH year of our quest to develop an additive that will render all conventional plastic either biodegradable and/or compostable. NEW PROJECTS are in full swing to help neutralize the devastating effects of toxic waste, industrial waste water and oil spills.